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yeah, love is a nightmare. time's over.
ToQger/VIXX/K-Pop/K-Dramas and stuff and things. Ravi is love. Ravi is life.
#I made!
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I just want to live peacefully, protecting rainbows...

Whoa there Gandhi, calm your tits before you nuke someone…

How I felt when there was a giant sodium explosion in chemistry yesterday.







An expertly done three point turn

Weren’t expecting that house

#I have never seen someone nope that hard before

#our house #in the middle of the street

Oh my fuck THOSE TAGS

is that car even real

My reaction to this whole SNSD fiasco.

Well, to be quite honest, it’s both exciting and saddening that Jessica is leaving SNSD. If it is true that SM forced her out due to her upcoming marriage, I would see why, but leaving on such short notice? SM are dicks, let’s face it, but it also says that idols aren’t here forever, you should make the best of them while they’re still here. They have lives too you know.

Well shit.

Does he say “Clad in back, don’t look back, and I love you” the second time around?
Excuse YOU.

So, potential titles for Dandy in the Underworld parodies:
Candy in the Underworld
Gandhi in the Underworld
Handy in the Underworld
Mandy in the Underworld
Randy in the Underworld
Sandy in the Underworld
Trendy in the Underworld
And… Dandy in the Overworld in which Marc Bolan plays an RPG.

He banged, no Mussolini now, he okay. —Rock Ur Body misheard lyrics

Yeah um so I made Akira Nijino and Marc Bolan and I kinda failed

*scrolling through the marc bolan tag*

*”girls girls girls” by got7 is playing in the background*

it’s true, girls girls girls they love him.

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